The Adventure of Lydia, Josephine and Caroline

This time I thought I’d share with you a quick story I wrote quite a while ago. Its a take on children’s story but with a twist.


Lydia, Josephine and Caroline were very good friends, and so they decided to go for a hot air balloon ride for some fun.

But they began to lose height, so first they threw out the food. But it made no difference.

So they threw out Caroline, because she was the biggest and least important.

Just as they began to get high up in the air again.


The balloon popped and Lydia and Josephine tumbled from the sky…

BUT because their dresses were SOO big, they turned into parachutes and they floated down safely.

Lydia and Josephine made it safely to Earth and just in time for dear old Caroline’s Funeral too.

What luck!

However, because of the shock, their faces never returned to their original shapes.

Poor old things. How will they do anything now?

Poor Little Lambs