Prompt Four: A Band

Laura was lost in the music. Will watched her with a smile on his face. He wanted to remember this moment, the one moment that he could look back on and tell his children of a moment where he felt as though he belonged. Felt significant.

He had his arm draped over her shoulders, her soft brown curls hanging over his forearm. Her eyes were alive, bright, her smile enormous. She didn’t blink as though if she did the spell would be broken. The music was so loud he felt the drums in Laura, the bass in his chest, the vibrations in the air making his clothes shake and his skin tingle.

The singer crooned into the microphone, but it was so loud Will could only hear odd words. He could feel rather than hear Laura singing along to the song that had been playing in her car for weeks.

For this one moment, despite the music, despite the masses of sweaty people bopping and jumping in time with the music, Will felt very peaceful, like he had had an awakening of some despcription. He wasn’t dancing and neither was Laura, she was simply tapping her foot to the beat of the drum and nodding her head. It seemed to Will that Laura was in such a state of awe she wasn’t able to move.

He looked around once more, looking at the singer, the guitarist, bassist and drummer. He noted what they were wearing. He looked at the crowd, some were laughing, some were dancing, some kissing and some doing other things but he pretended not to see those. He looked at Laura and was instantly struck by her beauty. She had never looked so beautiful, never so carefree. He took a picture of her in his head.

For this moment, was the moment where his life began.


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