Prompt Three: An Alien

Sarah heard a noise. It wasn’t a noise she had heard before. The sleepiness still invading her mind, she fought to return to her dream, but the annoying beeping was right in her ear.

“George!” she groaned. “Get out of my room!”

“Yowzah!” someone shouted, as a door swung open and made a huge bang. Sarah’s eyes wrenched open. There looking at her was a bright-eyed man. Out of the corner of her eye, behind him she saw a bright blue thing. The man was grinning at her.

“Hello!” He cried with enthusiasm. “You’re Sarah Graham, yes?”

“Yes… How do you know my name?” she said, but just as he opened his mouth to answer her, she overrode him. “Actually a more important question would be,” she started. “How did you get into my room?”

“The TARDIS,” The man said simply. “The answer to both of your questions I’ve actually been here before, but you were much older then.”

Sarah’s head hurt.

“So you know me, when I’m older, but you’re younger… Are you Benjamin Button or something?”

“No,” The man replied “Though Benjamin Button is a work of fiction, the condition which he suffers, Ageus Reversus, does infact exist, though I do not suffer from it. I am a timelord from the planet Galifrey, and this thing here,” he gestured behind him to the blue thing which she now noticed was a Police box, “is a my time machine which I travel through time and space in.” The man had said all of this in under a ten seconds and Sarah took a moment to process it.

“So you’re not human?”

“Goodness no!” he replied. “But you humans are marellous creatures. Survivors. That’s what you are.”

“And what did you say that thing was?”  Sarah asked, pointing to the box.

“My TARDIS. Time and Relative Dimension in Space,” he said proudly. “It can take you anywhere in time and space.”

“Anywhere?” Sarah asked, sceptically.

“Sarah Graham, I’m the Doctor,” he said, holding out his hand. “Would you like to go on an adventure.”

A.N As much as I Love Doctor Who. I do not own him. I know this shouldn’t really count as a short story, but I couldn’t really pass up an opportunity when the prompt was Alien. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the story 🙂


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