The Night

I do many things at night, in the city. I drive around. I go to 24 hour Fast Food drive through and eat them in a car park. There is just something about eating a double cheese burger and fries while drinking coffee at two am that makes it taste better than during the day. I drive down the Broadway, which is not like New York at all. Its just called Broadway because our little British City wants to be American.

I need milk.

Its coming up to two am, according to the clock in my car. The stars are hidden by the lights of the city, and people are beginning to tumble out of clubs, bars and pubs. Alot of girls are holding on to each other, giggling and barely managing to stay upright. Some of them not managing at all. Alot of boys are falling out of the door ways some being held back, some egged on.

Has that street sign always been there?

I used to be one of those people. I remember through a haze of fog and booze doing the same things those kids are doing. I smile to myself as I check the rear view mirror and carry on down the road I’ve driven a million times.

Is this real life?

If you ask me any question about this city, how do you get to place A from place B, I can tell you. But not the way you’d expect.

I need milk.

“It’s straight down Road D for about a mile, until you come to C Avenue,” is what Most People would say.

Woah! Was that a freaking bat?!

“If you go down F street and turn right onto E street and then take a left that’ll take you onto Road G and straight down there is B Cresent,” I would say. “There’re a bit more turns, but you’ll find its quicker.”

I gotta be at work in six hours.

I have lived in this city all of my life. I can even remember going on ‘Holiday’ to our caravan. Let me tell you that a ‘Holiday’ is not sleeping in a caravan in your back garden. But i still smile at the memories.

Green lights are so bright at night.

This city was wear I was born and raised, it taught me many things. The bus service is crap, don’t walk through the high-street after 10.30 or risk setting off the anti gang alarms. This city knew me, but I didn’t know it until after my son was born.

My son. My beautiful son who has my eyes and my partner’s lips. And the sleeping pattern of a Jeremy Kyle Episode. Unpredictable. And yet you could always count on him to refuse to go to sleep after his midnight bottle.


And yet driving around the city at night calms him. It doesn’t send him to sleep, I look at him now in the rear view mirror and he’s still wide awake. Gnawing on one of his toys. No, it doesn’t send him to sleep. We’ve done everything, tried to keep him awake during the day changing the routine but no, no sleep for Mommy and Daddy. I think he’s nocturnal. We take it in turns to take him for a drive like we take it in turns to change the nappies and feed him.

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream.

I look over at the skyline. It looks like the sky is tinged with the red orange of the dawn, but its the car lights from the motorway behind. But i know its time to start heading back home. We’ve got to try and put him down for a sleep before he makes me cry.

Who……. Lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Getting home is always too quick a journey even if i try and spend ages making the journey it is always too short. But I pull up in the drive way and pick him up out of his seat and take him back to the house. I walk straight passed the living room and kitchen and head straight into his bedroom and put him in the cot. He blinks up at me like he’d totally onto my plan. So i turn the singing mobile on and leave the room. Hoping to have a good cuppa tea before I go to bed myself.

Hush little baby don’t you cry, because I’m not gonna sing you a lullaby, Not because I’m mean but i just don’t sing, so I’m gonna do another thing. Hush little baby don’t you cry, I’m gonna drive you round all night.


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