Prompt 1: An Apartment

Your character moves into a new apartment. On the surface, the place seemed ideal, but his/her first night there, your character discovers a terrible problem with the place that s/he didn’t take into account…

Closing the door behind my mother as she left. I leaned against the wooden door and looked around. I took in my brand new home. Everything was brown. The floor was an orangey brown with the floorboards. The doors were a sandy brown with the wood, and the walls matched the floor. I was tempted to look out of the window and see brown and sure enough there was a tree right outside.

But it was my home. My first home. And I was so excited. I looked around, just to make sure I was alone, and then ran around the room, skidding on the laminate flooring like I did when I was a kid. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat, I ran from room to room, checking it all out. When I reached the living room, I fell backwards onto the sofa laughed giddily to myself. I sat there for a moment and then decided I would watch my first movie in my home. Alone. Oohoo.


“Yes,” I said. “Mum I’m absolutely fine. Honestly!”

“Are you sure? This is your first night, are you sure you don’t want me to come round?”

“I’m fine. Please, I want to stay here on my own. I will have to stay here eventually.”

“Alright then.”


Suddenly I woke up. My heart thudding. I look around, I couldn’t see anything, but something was making a noise. I got up, wrapping my dressing gown around myself and walked from room to room, checking out everything. I went back into the bedroom and looked around.

I thought I saw something out the corner of my eye. I wrapped my gown tighter around myself and made another trip around the flat. I definitely saw something.

I whirled around.

And jumped out of my skin.

There, staring at me through the window, were the two large amber eyes of a barn owl.

“Hoohoo!” it screeched through the glass. So that was what woke me up, that horrible sound. I double checked the window and yes, they were closed. But of course, because of the price, single glazing. The sound came through the window as if it were paper.

I sighed a breath of relief, at least it wasn’t someone trying to jump in my room. My heart was still pounding, but I would have to try and go back to sleep, I would have to be getting up in five hours. I pulled back the covers to the bed and got back in. Pulling the duvet over myself and snuggling up to get warm and comfortable.


I rolled my eyes, rolled over and put the radio on quietly.


It was going to be a long night.


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